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Varanasi Weather

Varanasi city is located in Uttar Pradesh, in northern zone of India. Varanasi is situated on the bank of the divine and holy river, Ganges. Varanasi has weather with lot deviations in temperatures. Varanasi has a humid subtropical weather. Summers are long, and it started from month of April and ends on October, with overruling cloudburst rainfalls. Summers hotness are in the range of 32C to 46C. Winters season started from November and ends on March and have freezing cold with lowest temperature goes down to below 5C. Cold wind waves from the Himalayan section grounds the temperature to immerse and since the winters have hardly ever been above 15C. July to September is monsoon time and rainfall is normal during monsoons. Mist is general in the wintertime and summers are come with hot dry winds, called loo.

Throughout summers, weather can be as warm as 45 C and sticky too because Varanasi is situated at the Tropic of cancer. Heavy rains and high moisture escort the monsoons. On the other side, winters are nice and temperature drops down around 5C. In Varanasi, (weather) temperature conditions are good for the tourists in between October to April. For those who are prepared to face a sun and ready for aroma of sweat, Varanasi is a city to trip all the year round.

Approximate temperature of Varanasi is given below:

Month Temperature
January 15 Degrees
February 20 Degrees
March 25 Degrees
April 36 Degrees
May 40 Degrees
June 38 Degrees
July 35 Degrees
August 30 Degrees
September 30 Degrees
October 28 Degrees
November 25 Degrees
December 20 Degrees

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