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History of Varanasi

This is true for this peculiarly pleasant city is definitely very old and takes pleasure in a History that dates back to 3000 years. The History of Varanasi city starts with the inhabiting of some Aryan peoples out here. Some Aryan people came from the north of country and made this land their residence. According to accepted religious myths Lord Shiva made Varanasi his habitat after marrying Parvati. Varanasi is also mentioned in the Indian epics Mahabharata, Ramayana and also in the Buddhist Jataka tales. They all are great indicator to Varanasi’s archaeological find. In History of Varanasi it is also mentioned that Lord Buddha visited here a way back in 500 B.C. Actually it was on the outer edge of Varanasi where the Lord Buddha moralized his first sermon after becoming “The Enlightened One”.

Although reading the History of Varanasi, one is sure to experience that it is a liquefying point of many different cultures. Apart from its close association with Buddhism and Hinduism, it has links with one more religion – Jainism. The Jains admire this city very greatly because their three Tirthankaras were born here.

During continuous attacks starting with the gang of Mahmud Ghazni in 1033 CE followed by Mohammed Gori in 1193 CE. Muslims rob and destroyed Hindu temples many times in Varanasi, and used the temple stuffs to construct mosques. At the begin of the 17th century, Mughal Emperor Akber brought some relief in the demolition of Hindu temples, but at the end of 17th century, another Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb again start temple destruction. Even he renamed the Varanasi city as Mohammadabad. These years Muslim, who escaped from other parts of India, learned scholars in Varanasi. Than finally Marathas came to the salvage of the city. Varanasi lost its pride when it was under the control of Mughals but Marathas brought back the old city.

Varanasi has also been a hub of education for ages. Varanasi is linked with encouragement of spiritualism, religious studies, yoga, Hindi language, Sanskrit, and privileged with writers such as the legendary novelist Prem Chand and famous saint and poet Tulsi Das, who wrote Ram Charit Manas.

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