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Kashi Varanasi

Varanasi city is also famous as Banaras and Kashi. It is a religious, historical and one of the oldest city not only in India but also in world. Kashi Varanasi city is sacred to Hindus and is one of the oldest constantly populated cities in the world. It is said Varanasi is a melting pot, where both death and life come together. Once Knowledgeable learner Agastya asked Lord Kartikeya how the holy place Kashi came into being. He also wants to know myths behind the Kashi (presently known as Varanasi).

Lord Kartikeya answer to Agastya that once Parvati had requested Lord Shiva the same question. Than Lord Shiva had told her, at the time of flood when the whole things had flooded under the ocean and darkness cover all the places, only brahm-the image of truth be at that time and nothing else remain. Brahm, the supreme truth is beyond description and unspeakable. No name can be credited to him. Than Lord Shiva said, He is the complete truth, the definitive knowledge, the boundless, the universe and the everlasting happiness.

Afterwards I (Lord Shiva) created Prakriti from my body. All three of us Shiva, Parvati and Kashi visible concurrently by the elegance of ‘Aadi purush’ (The Almighty God).’ Shiva after his marriage to Parvati, left his Himalayan home and came to live in Kashi (Varanasi) in the presence of all the gods, because great king Divodasa temporarily banished Shiva and Parvati.

Progressing with the story of Kashi’s importance, Kartikeya told Agastya-’ There is no sacred and divine place as precious to Lord Shiva as Kashi. Lord Shiva given name to this divine and holy place as Ananda van, because it gave enormous joy and happiness to not only him but to all who came here. There is a glorious and outstanding Shiva-linga at Kashi popularly identified as Kashi Vishwanath. Here one of the twelve Jyotirlingas is also situated. Just as the Sun is observable in the entire world in spite of its existence at a particular point in the sphere, in the same way Kashi Varanasi has its influence all over the world.

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