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Varanasi Pictures

Varanasi, “city of lights”, "city of temples and learning" is popularly known as Banaras or Kashi. Varanasi is one of the holiest cities of Hinduism. This city is also one of the oldest constantly populated cities in the world, Varanasi has seen since from very old days a very popular Hindu pilgrims where people come to wash away their sins with a ritual bath in the holy river Ganges. It is supposed that if someone dies in Varanasi than he/ she will be relieved from the cycle of rebirths. The ghat which is most frequently visted by pilgrims is Dasaswamedh ghat that remains full of activity past dark, when a stunning Ganga Arti ceremony takes place. This is one of the best views of Ganga Ghats and best time for taking pictures.

There are approximately 80 ghats in Varanasi and all connected through a pathway on the banks of the river Ganga. Most of the Ghats are only for bathing, but some are specifically for cremation. Most popular ghat for cremation is Manikarnika ghat, where fire is assumed to have been burning constantly for millennia. Taking pictures of the burning ghats is not allowed in general. Local people tell that one should not take pictures at the burning ghat, which is generally most amazing view for foreign tourists. There are two main reasons with that one is sentiments of the people other is you are giving reasons to others to harm your equipment. With an excellent zoom you could take pictures of burning ghats from a boat covering the complete scene without much description and without hurting anyone's sentiments.

Other excellent Varanasi pictures one can get at Adi Keshav ghat at evening time, especially on a full moon night. The moonrise picture is just amazing. Vishwanath Temple of Varanasi is an awesome place for pictures but only from outside. This temple is also popular as “Golden Temple”. It is called that because about 45 foot high spire is decorated with one ton of gold. Varanasi is considered as one of the excellent places for shopping of silk saris. Silk sari weaving is also a unique experience; so many tourists take pictures of that also.

Ganges - Aarti at Varanasi Ghats
Ganges - Aarti at Varanasi Ghats
Ganges - Aarti at Varanasi Ghats
Ganges - Aarti at Varanasi Ghats
Ganges - Aarti at Varanasi Ghats
Ganges - Aarti at Varanasi Ghats

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