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Holy City of Varanasi

When someone is travelling through the North zone of India, Varanasi has to be the main spot that one must to visit. The difference between Varanasi and the other places in the north zone of India are so self noticeable; Holy city of Varanasi is the “actual” Indian city. Varanasi is one of the holiest cities in India and situated at bank of holy river Ganga. In Hinduism holy city of Varanasi, being one of the main sanctified pilgrimage area. Countless pilgrims visit Varanasi every year. This city has the holy shrine of Lord Kashi Vishwnath a well-known follower of Lord Shiva, and in Varanasi, also one of the twelve sacred Jyotilingas of Lord Shiva is present.

Hindus suppose that dip in holy river Ganga remit sins and also dying in Kashi formally Varanasi guaranteed freedom of a person's spirit from the rotation of life cycle. Hindus consider Varansi as one of the Shakti Peethas, and also famous Temple Visalakshi stands on the mark where Goddess Sati’s earrings drop down. Hindus consider Varanasi as holy city because it situated at the bank of river Ganga and they regard river Ganga itself as Goddess Shakti (power).

Not only for Hindus, Varanasi is one of the holiest places in Buddhism and Jainism also. Basically one of the four pilgrimage spot of Buddha’s is Varanasi and this have been selected by Gautama Buddha himself, others pilgrimage spots are Kushinagar, Bodh Gaya and Lumbini. In the inhabited neighbourhood of Varanasi, Sarnath is situated, the place where Gautama Buddha given his initial speech about the fundamental principles of Buddism. Varanasi is a pilgrimage site for Jains also. Holy city of Varanasi is supposed to be the place of birth of 23rd Tirthankar of jain, Parshvnatha. Because of many Islamic attacks, Islamic customs has also had an influence on Varanasi.

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