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Around Varanasi

Varanasi is the oldest existing and populated city in India and possibly in the world also. It is the cultural and religious centre of India. Several tourists come to visit this sacred and blessed city daily. The city attracts people not only from country but also from all over the world. There are many historical and religious spots and places around Varanasi. Some of the main and well-known places are Kushinagar, Chunar fort, Jaunpur, Sarnath, Ramnagar, Kaushambi and Vindhaychal. There are few interesting outing destinations around Varanasi city. These outing spots offer a cool break from the monotony that Varanasi offers. So if you have had sufficient of 'Karma discussions' and you want relax your troubled mind then these famous spots must help you. All these destinations are under 100 Km from the centre of Varanasi city.


is 58 Km from Varanasi and a busy town. This city has a great architectural importance. There are some eye-catching mosques that were constructed in an exclusive technique that is combination of Islamic, Hindu and Jain styles. Feroze Shah Tughlaq founds this city in 1360 on an ancient site; Jaunpur became the centre of the independent Muslim Sharqui territory.


is the main place to visit while on tour around Varanasi. A much sacred pilgrimage and tourist spot in country. Sarnath is only 10 km away from Varanasi. It is one of the four most significant Buddhist pilgrimage places in India; Sarnath is the place where Lord Buddha first covey his lecture after attaining "nirvana". Tourist spots in Sarnath include lots of Stupas, historical monuments, the deer park and many more.


is 15 Km away from Varanasi. Ramnagar is well-known for its royal museum, which puts on exhibit a vast range of royal collections including era cars, royal palanquins, guns, swords, ivory work and very old clocks.


Fort is situated about 40 km from Varanasi. Sher Shah Suri the well-known leader or king of medieval north India, builds this fort, this fort offers superb views of the Ganges River. The central attraction within Chunar Fort includes sun clock, sonwa mandap, and a vast well.

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