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Varanasi one of the oldest cities and most famous hindu religious spot of world is well known as Banaras. Banaras is the city where the juice of happiness (rasa) is forever ready (Bana) in life. This juice of happiness and devotion flows in plenitude here in different colours, changing tones, multiple feels and layers, diverse conditions, contrasting circumstances, etc. It is the combination or 'mixing' of these that makes the medley of culture famous as Banaras Varanasi, the city of Lord Shiva.

Shiva's fluid energy flows in Banaras Varanasi in the form of the holy river Ganga and lord Shiva is symbolized in the iconographic appearance of lingas. The inhabitants or citizens of Banaras trust that Lord Shiva and his associates exist invisibly in the pace of this city

Continuing the strength of divinity, the mythology and customs have continued the vibration of life in banaras, Varanasi since time immemorial. Archaeologically it has been confirmed that since 1000 B.C.E. the city has constantly recorded human territory; that is why Banaras is recognized as one of the oldest living cities not only in India but also in the world. Banaras formally Varanasi is not the tale of bricks and stones; it is actually a living History in itself. According to history, in 11th-12th century C.E. the city was ruined at least four times by attacker. But, Banaras stays alive and was constantly recharged; the sites and sacred places were re-searched, the monuments were reconstruct and the spirit was again bring back to re-unite with the primordial.

Varanasi has also been a huge hub of education for ages. Banarad (Varanasi) is connected with endorsement of spiritualism, religious studies, yoga, Sanskrit, and Hindi language and privileged authors like, legendary novelist Prem Chand and Tulsi Das, the well-known saint and poet who wrote "Ram Charit Manas". This city is also called as the cultural centre of India. Pt. Ravi Shankar, the globally famous Sitar maestro and Ustad Bismillah Khan, the world famous Shehnai player are all sons of the holy city and have lived here for most important part of their lives.

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