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Dr. S. R. GUPTA Dr. S. R. GUPTA has over 20+ years of experience of curing Fistula in Ano through Kshar Sutra method of therapy of Ayurvda, during this period there was nil recurrence rate of disease, no need of hospitalization of patients. Dr. S. R. Gupta has also worked on standarization of the Kshar-sutra (A Medicated Thread) at Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow (India) and presented reports to ICMR(Indian Counsil of Medical Research).

As of Now Dr. S. R. Gupta has cured over thousands of Fistula-in-ano patient, with nil reoccurance rate of disease.

This includes the patients who had lost the hope to be cured, but they have been cured successfully with this holistic therapy of Ayurveda.

We cure all type of fistula in ano by kshar sutra (Ayurvedic Medicated Thread), No need of hospitalization, You can do daily work like a normal person. You have to spend only few minutes.

100% Guarantee to be cured with nil recurrence rate, Otherwise Full Refund of Your Money.

For Any Query regarding kshar sutra, fistula-in-ano, Anal Fissure,rectal fissure,Kshar Sutra
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