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Yoga For Beginners DVD
Pack of: : 1 DVD
Language: : English, Tamil, Gujarati, Bengali All in 1 DVD
Format: : DVD9 All region
Region : All Region
Author : Swami Ramdev
Duration : 122 Min. approx
Publisher : Divya Yoga Mandir
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Product Description
Breathing Discipline:
In this DVD, YOG RISHI SWAMI RAMDEV JI demonstrates himself, a package of
seven kinds of Pranayama namely:
(5)Anulom Vilom
and methodology to practice them to cure all kind of ailments/disorders and
to live healthy life. It also features other useful pranayams like Ujjayi,
Sheetali, Seetkari and other yogic practices.

Yog Aasan:
Easy methodology of Aasans to cure ailments like Diabetes, Obesity, High
BP, Heart Diseases, Arthritis, Backache and Stomach disorders.
Special Aasans for all round development and increasing the height of
children besides the correct way of doing Surya Namaskar.

In this DVD swami Ramdev has explained the good way of doing Pranayama, asanas for the beginners as shown below:

..How can a yoga help in fit body, how can it help you to get rid of ailments so that you remain healthy till end
of your life. Yoga is a complete science, it allows you to live a good and rich life which also takes you to high
level of spirituality.

Now come and join the practice of yoga which will reduce your health related problems, helps you in reducing your
diseases..Just take few precautions, if you are suffering from heart problems and if you have high BP, always
practice pranayama without exertive. Also if you have pain in lower back or if you have ulcerative colitis or you
suffering from epilepsy or suffering from cancer, pranayama has to practice slowly for major relief. Kapalbhati and
Vahya pranayama should not be practiced during menstrual cycle in ladies. Most importantly pranayamas should be
practiced on empty stomach. If one wanted to do in evening, she or he must have a gap of 5 hours after the meal.

While doing Asanas, one should take two precautions:
 1) If you are suffering from back ache, never bend forward 
 2) If you are suffering from heart and hernia problem, never bend backward 

Whenever you bend forward you have to breath out and when you bend backward you have to breath in. Whenever you are
in normal position , breath normally. Pranayama should be performed in Sukhasans, Siddhasanas and Padmasanas
position.Hands should be in any of Dyan mudra, Vayu mudra, Shunya mudra, Prithvi mudra, Shanki mudra, Varun mudra
Apan mudra. You can choose any of these mudra, take a deep breath and start Bhastrika pranayama.... 

This DVD by Baba Ramdev is a very Yoga DVD for the beginners of yoga, who just want to start practicing the yoga.. 

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