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Patanjali Peedantak Vati 80-tabs 2-pack Vati
Pack of: : 2
Manufacturer : Patanjali Ayurved
Weight: : 40gm
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Product Description
PATANJALI DIVYA PEEDANTAK VATI 80-tabs 2 Pack Total 160-tabs

An exclusive ayurvedic remedy known as Divya Peedantak vati is used to treat joint problems. It helps alleviate
joint pain caused by conditions like arthritis, sciatica, cervical spondylosis, and osteoarthritis. Additionally,
it can be used to treat muscle aches. It is made from a mixture of herbs that are renowned for their therapeutic

PATANJALI DIVYA PEEDANTAK VATI is useful for useful for muscle and joint pain.

Guggul shuddha(balsamodendron mukul)
Surenjan meethi(colchicum luteum)
Ashwagandha(withania somnifera)
godanti bhasma
muktashukti bhasma
yograg guggul(classical product)
Ajwain(trachyspermum ammi)
praval pishti(corallium rubrum)
Nirgundi(vitex nigundo)
dasmool(classical product)
Shilajeet shuddha(asphaltum)
kuchla shuddha(strychnos nux-vomica)
Nagarmotha(cyperus scariosus)
Rasna(pluchea lanceolata)
Nirgundi(vitex negundo)
punarnava mool(boerhaavia diffusa)
methi(trigonella foenumgraecum)
nisoth(operculina turpethum)
stavar(asparagus racemosus)
harjord(cissus quadrangularis)
kutki(picrorhiza kurroa)
giloy(tinospora cordifolia)
haldi(curcuma longa)
sonth(zingiber officinale)
gum acacia, aerosil, talcum

PATANJALI DIVYA PEEDANTAK VATI should be taken as directed by your doctor.

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