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Patanjali Giloy Ghanvati 60-tabs 2-pack Vati
Pack of: : 2
Manufacturer : Patanjali Ayurved
Weight: : 40gm
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Product Description

Giloy ghan vati is used to treat immunity and general fever. useful for skin and urinary disorders, generalized
weakness, and fever. Additionally, it is beneficial for general weakness, dengue, chicken guinea, and fever.

PATANJALI DIVYA GILOY GHANVATI is useful in following:

1. Giloy ghanvati is a sarva jwar and mutra vikar remedy made from giloy extract. Giloy 
   ghan vati is used to cleanse and detoxify the entire body, particularly the liver.
2. It is a nervine tonic that makes people live longer.
3. The blood is cleaned by Giloy ghan vati.
4. Reduces all the three doshas For example Vata, pitta, kapha and balance them.
5. beneficial for repairing fibrosis and regenerating living tissue.
6. Gout (vata rakta), arthritis (ama vata), and other inflammatory joint conditions can 
   all benefit from giloy ghanvati. It works by removing pitta toxins and uric acid from 
   raktavahasrotas through the urinary system. Additionally, it eliminates ama toxins 
   without destabilizing any other dosa.
7. Giloy ghanvati can be used for inflammation-causing autoimmune diseases. Use to 
   counteract the toxic and ulcerative effects of chemoradiotherapy.
8. Giloy ghanvati can help alleviate candida-like symptoms (grahani) like bloating, 
   flatulence, and difficulty digesting food.
9. Giloy ghan vati's unctuous nature, which soothes nervous irritation, makes it very 
   calming for vata and the nervous system.
10. Diabetes and hypoglycemia benefit from its direct effect on rakta and medasdhatu, 
    which regulates blood sugar levels.
11. When a hyperheat condition causes sexual dysfunction, it uses its ability to clear 

Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia)

PATANJALI DIVYA GILOY GHANVATI should be taken as 2 tablets, two times every day , post dinners with tepid water or
as coordinated by the Doctor

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