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Patanjali Sarvakalp Kwath 100 Gm 2-pack Kwath
Pack of: : 2
Manufacturer : Patanjali Ayurved
Weight: : 100gm
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Product Description

The liver is strengthened by using this kwath frequently. The toxins that are deposited in the body by
contaminated, stale food and beverages like tea, cold drinks, and others have an effect on the liver's smooth
operation. As a result, dreadful diseases like jaundice and its critical stage hepatitis B or C attack the body.
The kwath first protects the liver from hepatitis B or C before activating it. Additionally, it is used on a
regular basis to treat liver swelling, expansion, jaundice, decreased urine content, stomach and pelvic pain,
indigestion, lack of appetite, and other conditions. a mixture of ancient ingredients with particular properties.
If any kwath has an unpleasant taste, if you are not diabetic, add honey or another sweet ingredient. Keep in mind
that honey will be added to the decoction only when it is cool and not hot.
1) When used regularly, it also treats liver swelling.
2) Bolsters the liver.
3) Its expansion, jaundice, decreased urine content, pain in the stomach and pelvis, indigestion, and inability to
eat, among other symptoms.

The following are the key ingredients of Patanjali SARVAKALP Kwath, which is made from a diverse assortment of
natural and herbal ingredients:

Bhumi amla (Phyllanthus niruri), Punarnava (Boerhaavia diffusa), and Makoy (Solanum nigrum)

How to use:
Boil 5 to 10 grams of PATANJALI Divya SARVAKALP Kwath in 400 milliliters of water until the residue is 100
milliliters. Take it in the morning, one hour before dinner or before going to bed, empty-handed. If you are unable
to consume more of this decoction, boil it for a longer period of time and filter it to remove excess water.
or as prescribed by the doctor.

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