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Patanjali Jwarnashak Kwath 100 Gm 2-pack Kwath
Pack of: : 2
Manufacturer : Patanjali Ayurved
Weight: : 100gm
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Product Description

If you have a persistent fever, shivering, and joint pain, Divya Jwarnashak Kwath is an excellent treatment. The
antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties of kalmegh and neem in divya jwarnashak kwath eliminate
microorganisms from the body and treat the underlying cause of the fever. Divya jwarnashak kwath is a well-known
treatment for persistent fevers brought on by internal organ infections or inflammation. Additionally, it improves
immunity, lessens joint swelling, and alleviates stiffness and pain in the joints. The nutrients in divya
jwarnashak kwath's herbal properties assist your body in regaining its strength. Diviya Jwarnashak Kwath is a
holistic remedy for recurring fever.
Cures all kinds of fevers, including dengue, malaria, and chikungunya.

The following are the key ingredients of Patanjali JWARNASHAK Kwath, which is made from a diverse assortment of
natural and herbal ingredients:

Giloy is Tinosporacordifolia; Kalmegh is Andrographispaniculata; Chirayata is Swertiachirayaita; Kutki is
Picrorhizakurroa; Neem is Azadirachta indica; Ashwagandha is Withaniasomnifera; Tulsi is Ocimum sanctum; Jalnimb is
Bacopa monnieri; Haldi is Curcuma longa.

How to use:
Take one teaspoon (5 grams) boiled in 400 milliliters of water until only 100 milliliters are left, strain it, and
consume it before breakfast and dinner or as directed by your doctor.

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