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Secrets Of Astavarga Plants Book
Language: : English
Author : Acharya Balkishan
ISBN: : 8189235869
ISBN 13: : 978-8189235864
Publisher : Divya Prakashan
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Product Description
Divya Prakashan is distributing different classes of books containing the material of Yoga, Ayurveda, Culture,
Customs and Patriotism and Medicinal plants. H.H. Yogarshi Swami Ramdevji Maharaj ji lessons are distributed in
Yoga Sadhan, Yoga chikitsa Rahasya, Pranayama Rahasya, Yoga darshan, Geetamrit, Bhakti Geetanjali. Sri Acharya
Balakrishnaji Maharaj composed such a large number of on ayurverda and yoga like ayurverd siddhanta rahasya, Vijnan
ki kasauti standard Yoga and Aushadha darshan and so on. Crores of individuals are profited by them adapting such a
variety of inventive things.

he Vedic era was the golden period in Indian history. India had contributed a lot to the world during that period.
Wherein, for the first time in the world, origin and development of culture and civilization was brought by our
ancestors. At the same time Indian Rsis (sages) gave the legacy of medical science, cosmic knowledge, yogic
education, spiritual knowledge and the science of knowledge building to the world at large. Besides the above
legacy, various dimensions of human development from education, law and social system to ideal ruling system were
originally led down by ancient Indian sages. Uptil 18th century, India had been a superpower in terms of economy
and spirituality. With passage of time, India suffered with social, spiritual, political and economic down fall.
India remained a slave country for a long time, the biggest economic plunder of the world happened here. To get rid
of this difficult situation and to get freedom from foreign rule millions of people sacrificed their lives. India
got independence, still the question arises that, is political independence sufficient; or is there a further
distance to travel and move ahead! 
Today, United States of America (USA) is ruling the world by means of United Nations Organization (UNO), World Bank
(WB), International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Do we have any other better option
than this? In terms of role and responsibility, among these five global organizations, WHO has a big challenge to
solve the world's health problems through proven and scientific solutions. Rather than digressing about other
issues we pay our attention only to the problems of health. We open heartedly appreciate the achievements of modern
medicine in the field of surgery, diagnosis and etiology of the diseases. The achievement of modern medicine in
emergency treatment and life saving drugs is undebatable but the biggest question is that except for tuberculosis,
malaria and other such diseases do we have a permanent and perfect treatment for other diseases. Does modern system
of medicine have a workable cure for stress, stress related blood pressure, diabetes, mental disorders, autoimmune
diseases, neurological disorders, HIV, DMD (Duchenne Muscular dystrophy), dengue and other such diseases. Is there
any permanent answer to hepatic, renal, cardiac problems and other incurable diseases related to Vata, Pitta and
Kapha ? Does modern medicine have any solution to provide complete health and balance to each individual cell of
the body or the whole body system? In this context, with utmost sincerity, experience and scientific inferences we
wish to state that for 99% diseases, we have a permanent and perfect solution in Ayurveda which we inherited from
our ancient sages. We just implimented that ancient knowledge on millions of people and found it successful on the
scientific grounds. Ayurvedic treatment is not just symptomatic, infact it is completely systematic one and almost
harmless. It does not merely control but cures the disease hundred percent. Ayurvedic system of medicine is
economical, scientific and based on the experience of millions of years. 

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