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Patanjali Arvindasav 225-ml Asava
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Product Description

Arvindasav is a traditional remedy for infants and children's health. It carefully combines various herbal extracts
with the goodness of lotus. Following an illness, a lack of appetite frequently results in weakness. Arvindasav
provides the missing nutrients, nourishes the child in recovery, and boosts immunity. It provides your child with
all-around nourishment, assisting in their physical growth and brain and memory development. Arvindasav will
provide your child with the best care. Help him or her recover quickly, gain strength and energy, and develop

Kamal (Nelumbo nucifera) 
 Kash (Vetiveriazizanioidis) 
 Gambhari (Gmelinaarborea) 
 Nelkamal (Nynphaea stellate) 
 Manjishtha (Rubiacordifolia) 
 Chotiela (Elattariacardamomum) 
 Khareti (Sidacordifolia) 
 Jatamanshi (Nardostachysjatamansi) 
 Nagarmotha (Cyprus rotundus) 
 Anatmool (Hemidesmusindicus) 
 Harad (Terminalia chebula) 
 Behara (Terminalia belirica) 
 Vach (Acoruscolmus) 
 Amla (Emblica officinalis) 
 Kachur (Curcuma zedoaria) 
 Nisoth (Operculinaturpetum) 
 Nelemool (Indigoferatinctoria)
 Pitpapra (Fumaria vallantii) 
 Arjun (Terminalia arjuna) 
 Mulethi (Glycyrrhiza glabra) 
 Madhu (Madhucaindica) 
 Muramashi (Helioterasisora)
 Parvalpatra (Trichosanthesdioica)
 Munnaka (Vitis vinifera) 
 Dhaiful (Woodfordiafruticosa) 
 Sugar Gudd (Jaggery) 


The following guidelines should be followed when consuming Patanjali Divya Arvindasav and as directed by the

 Children over the age of one year old should take 3 milligrams to 12 milligrams orally.

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