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Home Remedies

Home Remedies for Cough

Listed below are some effective home remedies for cough:
  1. Onion is very helpful in the cure of cough. Take 2 teaspoon of onion juice and add 2 teaspoon of lemon juice in it. Now add little water in it and allow it to boil, after boiling add 2 teaspoon of honey into it. Leave this solution at least for 6 hours and after that give a teaspoon of it to the patient twice a day. This is very effective cough treatment.

  2. Take 2 teaspoon of onion juice and add equal amount of honey in it. Leave this mixture for at least 5-6 hours, and then give one teaspoon of mixture to the sufferer at least two times daily. This is very effective cough treatment; it helps in loosening of cough, and clears chest blocking.

  3. Take some small pieces of ginger, 2-3 garlic seeds, and little amount of lemon juice and add all three into the boiling water. Boil this solution for 15-20 minutes. Now Strain the solution and keep it aside. Add a little quantity of honey in the solution and give it to the sufferer. This is easy and effective home remedy to get instant relief from cough and chest congestion.

  4. Take tablespoon of ginger paste and add same amount of pepper powder in it. Now add one tablespoon of honey and vinegar into it. And finally add 3 tablespoon of water and keep it aside. Take one teaspoon of this solution daily 2-3 times. This is very effective home remedy to control coughing and commonly used for getting relief from cough.

  5. Take 3-4 black pepper seeds and chews them directly. If someone find problem in chewing it because pepper seeds are very bitter in taste, so take a glass of milk and add 2-3 pepper seeds in it and drink this milk. Else one can also take black pepper with cumin seeds. Mix small amount of black pepper and cumin seeds and add 1/2 spoon of salt into it. Chew it slowly. It is very helpful home remedy for treatment of cough, because black pepper is very beneficial in treating coughing. It looses the mucous membrane and open chest congestion.

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