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Home Remedies for Common Fever

Some effective Home Remedies For Common Fever
  1. Grapefruit juice acts favorably in treatment of common fever. Prepare half glass of grapefruit juice and add equivalent amount of water to concentrated the mixture. Drink this juice once a day; it give relieve from burning sensation.

  2. Take approximately12 grams of basil leaves and boil it with half litre water. Drink this water daily once to get relieve from common fever. It is easiest and the most effective home remedy for common fever.

  3. Take fresh apricot juice and add a tsp of glucose or honey in it. Apart from reducing the fever, it also satiates the want of liquids.

  4. Add half tsp of saffron in 30ml of water. Boil the solution and when the water gets boiled, prepare tea out of it. Drink a tsp of this tea after every hour. It is very beneficial in treatment of fever.

  5. Take 1 tsp of turmeric powder, onion pieces, some ginger pieces, lemon grass, some basil leaves, a tsp of black pepper and add all in a cup of water. Now boil this solution. Dink this solution three times a day to treat common fever.

  6. Soak 30 Raisins in half cup of water. After soaking, crush them in the same water. Strain the mixture and add tsp of limejuice in it. Have this twice a day.

  7. Common fever patient is suggested to have lots of oranges. It raises the energy in the body and encourages fight against infection.

  8. Prepare a juice of tamarind leaves and add some turmeric powder in it. Now add this juice with cold water and have this to remove infection and fever.

  9. Add few drops of ginger juice and limejuice in 1 tablespoon of honey. Consume this mixture, as it would efficiently cure common fever.

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