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Home Remedies

Home Remedy for Chicken Pox

Some easy and effective Home Remedies For Chicken Pox

  1. Take bathwater and add cup vinegar in it. Bath with this water; it will not only reduce the irritation caused because of blisters but it would also help in healing the lesions.

  2. Sandalwood oil is also very effective treatment of chicken pox. Start applying Sandalwood oil on the blisters right from the day chicken pox appears till its final days. It prevents marks from blemishing the skin.

  3. Take 1 tsp hazel leaves and 2 tbsp marigold flowers and add both in a cup of water and leave them for a night. Next morning, crush it and apply the paste on the rash. It would help in reducing the itching.

  4. Take one bowl full of water in a pan and add some green peas in it. Place that pan on flame and boil it. Once it gets boiled, strain the water and apply it on the affected parts of body. This would reduce the pain and itching.

  5. Crush oatmeal into fine powder. Take 2 cups of this oatmeal powder and add into the bath water. For best results, add half-cup baking soda in the same water. It would help in curing the scratches.

  6. Add a handful of Neem leaves in bath water. It is best home remedy and it treats irritation and heals the rashes.

  7. Apply Vitamin E oil on the affected area; it not only prevent the itching, but also removes the scars speedily.

  8. Cover the affected part with honey. It would not only give relieve from irritation, but it also heal the rashes.

  9. Take about 60 grams of fresh coriander and 100 grams of fresh carrots and finely cut them. Mix both of them and boil this mixture for little time. Strain the mixture, cool it and drink it daily once.

  10. Make a tea using marigold, basil, chamomile, and lemon balm. Also add small amount of honey, cinnamon, and lemon to increase its healing property. Drink this tea many times a day; it would be very beneficial.

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