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Home Remedies

Home Remedy for cataract

Some effective Home remedies for Cataract are:
  1. Take Pumpkin flower juice and apply it on the eyelids and keep for 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse it with water. Do this twice a day.

  2. Put some drops of honey in affected eye, it is very useful in cataract.

  3. Eating carrots has lots of benefits and is for excellent eyesight. Eat 2 to 4 carrots daily or drink lot of carrot juice whenever you like.

  4. Garlic helps in keeping the eye lenses clean. Just increase the intake of garlic in your daily diet and have good eyesight

  5. Grapes and Oranges are also very useful in cataract. Drink juice of grapes and orange daily; it is also very effective home remedies for cataract.

  6. Stay away from smoking and alcohol.

  7. Increase consumption of green vegetables and fruits, as they are very advantageous for eyesight. Avoid too much bread, pickles, tea, coffee, oily food, junk food, processed food and potatoes. Spinach is extremely valuable and beneficial vegetable and it avoid cataract from occurring. So include Spinach in your diet more than often. Eat lots of vegetable, salads and soups nearly for one meal of the day.

  8. Eat more raisins, figs and dates; they are also good home remedy for the treatment of cataract.

  9. The one more extremely efficient home remedy for cataract is a magical powder of almonds, pepper and sugar candy. Make powder of all three and take this mixture twice in a day for getting the cure from cataract.

  10. Take carrot juice and parsley juice and make a cocktail and drink it daily. This is very helpful in treatment of for cataract.

  11. Take a glass of warm milk and add one-teaspoon cardamom powder and drink it before going to bed. This drink is also very helpful for good eyesight.

  12. Defend eyes form direct sunrays and for this use sunglasses when you go out in sunlight. Also take sleep and don't overstress your eyes.

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