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Home Remedy for Burning Tongue

Listed below are some Home Remedies for burning tongue:
  1. Vitamin B12 can help in treatment of burning tongue by development of red cells and sustaining nerve cells. So Vitamin B12 rich food helps in treatment of burning tongue. Foods like egg yoke, milk, poultry, liver, etc in your daily diet are good for Burning Tongue.

  2. Iron rich foods are also very helpful in treatment of Burning Tongue. So include foods like broccoli, spinach, parsley, etc. in your daily diet.

  3. Apply some lavender oil on the affected part of your mouth. It can give relief from pain and can work as an antiseptic. As an antiseptic, lavender essential oil can sterilize the affected part of mouth and support blood circulation, thus treating burning tongue.

  4. Drinking lots of water can prevent dry mouth. Water can also help in maintaining the complete body hydrated including your mouth, so burning tongue is treated.

  5. It is supposed that keeping an ice cube on the affected part of mouth can also give relief in burning tongue. Ice cubes can help in relaxing the skin by chilling it and hydrating the mouth.

  6. It is assumed that fresh vegetable and fruit juices, which are rich in vitamin B and C, can also help in reducing pain of burning tongue. Fresh juice also keep mouth hydrated and can provide necessary nutrients that you might require to be healthy.

  7. Applying glycerine can help in comforting the affected part of mouth. This can help in reducing the feeling of soreness and burning, thus treated burning tongue.

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