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Home Remedies

Home Remedy for Bronchitis

Following are some of the easy and effective home remedies for bronchitis
  1. Make paste of small amount of black pepper, teaspoon honey, 2 cloves powder and fresh ginger, and give to the bronchitis patient. This is extremely beneficial and gives relief to patient, and also cures burning feeling of the chest, open the jammed tube between throat and lungs that helps in proper breathing.

  2. Take a glass of fresh orange juice and add teaspoon of crushed almonds and give to bronchitis patient at night or sleep time. This is also good home remedy for treatment of Bronchitis.

  3. Mix sesame seed, and honey in tablespoon of alsi, and give to the bronchitis patient. This is a valuable home remedy for bronchitis. In place of honey you can use fresh water also.

  4. Take around half tablespoon fresh onion juice and give it daily to bronchitis sufferer; they will surely feel some relief. Onion juice cures swelling and pain in the chest.

  5. Take small amount of fresh spinach in the half glass of water and add around teaspoon of honey to it and give to the bronchitis patient. This is beneficial in getting relief from bronchitis problem.

  6. Take one cup milk and add one teaspoon of turmeric power in it and give to bronchitis patient. This will help in opening the congestion in the bronchial tube and give relief in breathing difficulties.

  7. Take equal- equal amount mustard powder and flour and mix it with water. Spread this paste on the chest area. It will reduce congestion of bronchial tube.

  8. Prepare a tea using small quantity of cloves, ginger and black pepper powder and give to the bronchitis patient. This will also give some definite relief to bronchitis patient.

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