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Home Remedies

Home Remedies for Ascites

Some easy home remedies for Ascites are given below:

  1. Garlic plays an important role in treatment of ascities. Mix half-teaspoon garlic juice in half glass of water and drink this juice daily for some days.

  2. Take one-fourth litre water and add 25 gm gram and boil till it reduce to half. Strain the liquid and drink this for approximately 3 weeks.

  3. Extract at least 25 ml bitter gourd juice. Mix it with water and drink thrice a day. It provides the required relief from ascites.

  4. Make the juice of the radish plant leaves with water and drink it daily. It is very useful in the cure of ascites.

  5. Soak the fenugreek seeds overnight an in morning strain and drink that water

  6. Reduce quantity of water and instead of water Milk can be given to the Ascites sufferer. In take of extra water in the case of ascities adds more swelling and weight gain.

  7. Include onion in your diet. It helps in draining surplus collected fluid through the means of urine.

  8. Carrot juice and buttermilk are advantageous in this disease. They help in restoring energy in the body without adding anything in the accumulated fluid levels.

  9. Eat melon daily, it helps in digestion and restores the fluid balance.

  10. Donít sleep in day hours. Try to fix your bedtime at night and wake up early in the morning.

  11. Includes buttermilk, soup of horse gram, camel milk, old rice, and salads with garlic, dry radish, honey and asafoetida in your diet and avoid taking too much of rice and wheat. Salt is very dangerous for the ascites patients.

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