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Home Remedies

Home Remedies for Appendicitis

Some easy and effective home remedies for treatment of Appendicitis are:
  1. Green gram is a very effective in reducing pain and as a treatment of infection in case of severe appendicitis. Soak one cup of green gram in water for overnight. Now drink one- one teaspoon of this water three times a day.

  2. Daily drinking of tea made from fenugreek seeds can avoid appendix from getting blocked by discharge of mucus and fecal substances. For preparation of tea, add one tablespoon of fenugreek seeds in a litre of cold water. Boil this solution for thirty minutes before being strained. Now drink this tea after cooling it at a tolerable temperature.

  3. Mix 100-100 ml of beetroot and cucumber juice with 300 ml of carrot juice and drink it twice every day. This specific combination is helpful in treatment of lymph node infection in appendicitis.

  4. Buttermilk is an effective treatment for severe appendicitis. It is the leftover filtrate of curd. Constant stirring separates fat. Add a pinch of salt into the buttermilk and drink it 3 or 4 times daily.

  5. Eating powder of ginger-garlic mixture is helpful; it not only reduces pain but also reduces swelling of appendix.

  6. At the first warning of appendicitis, nothing apart from water is should be taken. Third day onward fruit juices can be given for the next three days. After this, a stable diet consisting of vegetables, seeds, nuts, and fruits can be given.

  7. For initial three days of the infection, low enemas contain about half litre of little hot water can be given every day to clean the lower bowel. Later on, when the severe situation is brought under control, than for constant treatment of full enema give around 3 litres of little hot water daily until ache and swelling are completely gone.

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