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Home Remedies

Home Remedies for Anorexia

Some easy home remedies for Anorexia are:

  1. Take small piece of peeled ginger and grind it with few drops of lemon, bit of asafoetida and one black pepper. Make paste of it. In early morning have this paste on an empty stomach, approximately for15 days. It would work as an appetizer for Anorexia patient.

  2. Daily eat 2 to 3 oranges. Oranges help in increasing the appetite in a person. It is an easiest remedy for Anorexia.

  3. Apples are also very efficient appetizers. Other than providing iron to the body, they also excite the appetite.

  4. Boil a glass of water and add 2 to 3 cloves and Ĺ tsp limejuice. Cool it little bit and drink. Regular drinking of this solution, at least for a week, is expected to enhance the desire to eat.

  5. Garlic is also very effective in treatment of Anorexia nervosa. One can consume Garlic in soups, salads, or in other preparations. Garlic excites digestive powers and is also good for boosting up of appetite.

  6. Soups enhance the appetite of a person. For non-vegetarians, chicken soup and for vegetarians, Vegetable soup with pinch of rock salt and black pepper would be beneficial. It would work as an efficient starter.

  7. Eat salad daily, which may comprise of beets, tomatoes, cabbage, cucumbers and capsicums. Add a little rock salt, fresh lemon juice in it and a pinch of black pepper. Eat salad 10 minutes before having your food.

  8. Make dough of flour with sour grape juice and add a pinch of rock salt. Make chapattis from of this dough. It will improve the appetite of person, thereby helping in treatment of anorexia.

  9. It is also supposed that spicy food enhance appetite, so itís good to have spicy food twice or thrice a week.

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