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Home Remedies for Amnesia

Some effective and helpful home remedies for Amnesia are:
  1. Best herbal treatment for Amnesia is Rosemary. By taking rosemary tea with few drops of limejuice once or twice a day is beneficial in treatment of forgetfulness problem.

  2. Brahmi booti is one better-known home remedy for amnesia. Take 8gms of brahmi booti, eight almonds and half-gram pepper and grind it with water. Now filter the solution and add some sugar for taste. Drink this solution every morning in empty stomach.

  3. Almonds are traditionally, considered best treatment for weak nervous system. Take 10 or 12 almonds and soak them into water and remain it overnight. In the next morning remove its brown skin and prepare a paste with one tsp of butter. Take it daily in morning.

  4. The easiest home remedy for amnesia is to have a tsp of honey, with finely grounded black pepper, daily once. This would be helpful in improving memory.

  5. Another easy home remedy for weak memory is mixture of around four grams of black cumin seeds with two-tea spoon of honey. Have it daily in the morning.

  6. Walnut is also beneficial for improvement of weakness of brain. Consumes almost 20 grams of walnut daily.

  7. Holy Basil leaves are also very effective for memory enhancement. Boil holy basil leaves in water. Drink this decoction when it cools down. One can directly eat this leave after rinse them with water.

  8. Amnesia sufferers can also write their routine in a notebook. They should help them to memorize and recall everything.

  9. The proper diet also works as a memory booster that includes plenty of phosphorous-rich fruits, such as oranges, dates, grapes, figs, almonds, apple, and walnuts. They help in activation the brain cell and decrease forgetfulness.

  10. Yoga, pranayam and meditation are also beneficial for Amnesia.

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