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Home Remedies

Home Remedies for Amenorrhea

Various home remedies for Amenorrhea:
  1. To get release from menstrual cramps cover a hot and wet towel about the middle portion or the pelvis. This is very useful home remedy for amenorrhea.

  2. Take teaspoonful of saffron in half a cup of water and boil it until it condenses upto a tablespoon. Separate this into three equal portions and than consume it three times in a day.

  3. Make paste of 6 to 8 almonds, half-teaspoon of sesame powder and a teaspoon of honey with a cup of milk or egg yolk. This is very helpful in cramps relieve.

  4. Every night before sleep drink a glass of milks with half teaspoonful of cinnamon, it is a beneficial home remedy for amenorrhea and also relieves cramps.

  5. In a cup of water dissolve 2 aspirins, half a teaspoon of sugar and honey and drink this solution when you are missing periods.

  6. Take a teaspoon of thoroughly grinded mint leaf and one teaspoon of honey two times a day to get relief from stomach pain of amenorrhea.

  7. For regulation in menstruation, boil a cup of black beans with 5 cups of water and drink half cup of this juice before having meals.

  8. Drink 2 or 3 glasses of tomato juice daily. It is helpful in improvement of the blood flow in body, which is good for controlling amenorrhea.

  9. During menstruation reduce intake of caffeine, alcohol and sugar.

  10. Cook Banana flower with curd, it is also very useful in amenorrhea.

  11. During heavy menstrual periods Juice prepared from fresh mango bark is an extremely beneficial.

  12. The best method to avoid a disturbance in your menstrual cycle is to keep a healthy lifestyle, which includes proper diet and exercise activity to attain a healthy weight. Take proper rest during menstrual cycle.

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