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Home Remedy for Alzheimer

Alzheimer Disease is a brain disorder that slowly and gradually destroys memory, reasonable thought, and language. Very easy works like eating or drinking are totally forgotten, and once Alzheimer's start developing than there is very little or no hope for recovery.

Home Remedies For Alzheimer's disease

Most of the Alzheimer's sufferers experience a reduction in taste sensation. Spicing up their foodstuff would be an excellent idea for the taste and also for the appetite. The following spices can be used like pepper, chilli powder, oregano, sage, however be careful with the salt.

Some other food oriented home remedies for Alzheimer's disease:
  1. Eat more Pumpkin, sunflower seeds and sesame, they are essential for brain function.
  2. Eat blueberries to slow down age-associated changes.
  3. Eat more carrots. It improves memory
  4. Fish is also very good for healthy brain functioning.
Alzheimer’s patient should stay away from high calorie and high fat foods. They must abstain from salt, processed foods, smoking, alcohol, environmental toxins and refined carbohydrates. Anti-oxidants types of inflammatory agents are also advantageous for Alzheimer’s patients. So that Alzheimer’s patient must eat a diet which includes antioxidants like vitamin A, and C, green tea and so on.

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