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Home Remedies for Allergy

Allergy is very common disease. If you are searching for some effective home remedies for treatment of Allergy, than below given tips will definitely help you.

Home Remedies For Allergy

  1. The most excellent home remedy would be a paste of limejuice and sandalwood. Apply regularly this paste on the affected part. It will give you relieve you from itching and give a gentle effect also.

  2. Apply pastes of almond leaves on the affected part would also prove to be effective.

  3. Take five grams garden mint. Add it with water and make paste of that. Now filter this mixture and in filtered part add 12 grams of sugar. Take this mixture daily twice.

  4. Allergy gets itching along with it. So for itching rub mashed papaya seeds on the affected part, you get rid of itching.

  5. Mix lemon juice with coconut oil. Apply this mixture on the affected part is also very helpful.

  6. Mash a tablespoon of poppy seeds and add one-one teaspoon of water and limejuice and make paste. Apply this paste on the affected area to get relief.

  7. Intakes of citrus fruits are also very helpful in treatment of allergy.

  8. Add two tablespoons of cider vinegar in a glass full of water. Drink this solution to heal up from allergy.

  9. Take half cup of any fruit or vegetable juice or simple water and add five drops of castor oil in it. Drink this solution daily in morning, on an empty stomach.

  10. Make mix juice of Carrot, beetroot and cucumber and drink it daily. It is also an efficient home remedy for treatment of allergies.

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