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Home Remedy for Acidity

At time of acidity, there is a movement of gastric fluids from the stomach into the lower esophagus (food pipe). This situation mainly happens when amount of acidic contents in stomach rise into the esophagus and making it dysfunctional. Following are some of the easy and effective home remedies:

To prevent acidity

  1. Eat more fibrous fruits and vegetables to help proper digestion. Eat fruits like papaya, watermelon, cucumber, and banana. They are helpful in reducing acidity. Eat more carbohydrate rich food like rice. They are easily digested and no acid formed.
  2. Avoid spicy, oily and fatty foods and also acidic foods like vinegar, curds, tamarinds, pickles, etc because these types of foods are difficult to digest and releases extra acidity
  3. Avoid sour foods, red meats, onions, chocolates, and strong drinks like alcohol, tea and coffee and also avoid too much smoking
  4. Take your dinner at least 2 hours before sleeping time.
To Control (relief) acidity
  1. Take equal amount of coriander and ginger to get relief from acidity
  2. Daily drinks 2 glasses of water early in morning to keep you free from acidity
  3. Take whole orange juice and mix it with roasted cumin seeds and rock salt as per your taste. This will give you an instant relief from acidity.
  4. Take 2 tablespoon of Isabgol in milk after each meal. It is very helpful in eliminating acidity.
  5. For immediate relief from acidity you can also drink coconut oil.

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