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Home Remedies

Home Remedy for Abscess

Home Remedies are best treatment for Abscess. Some of the effective and recommended home remedies are:
  1. Use heat, the best home remedy for treatment of abscesses, it brings abscess to a head. Place a hygienic, warm face cloth above the boil at least for 20 minutes and about three times a day. Turn face of cloths to keep steady heat. Warm compresses will take the abscess to a head.
  2. Use a hygienic washcloth soaked in a hot water in which ten drops of lavender essential oil have been mixed. Squeeze the extra hot water from the cloth and hold it on the abscess till it cool down. Repeat this several times in a day. Maintain the cleanliness.
  3. Drumstick root paste is given in abscesses.
  4. Try to take mainly liquid diet like fruit juices for a day to 5 days depends on abscess type.
  5. Take a bunch of neem leaves. Make fine paste of it and then apply regularly on the abscess externally.
  6. Make powder of dry pomegranate skin and add fresh limejuice and apply daily on abscess externally.
  7. Gently massage aloe Vera gel daily on the abscessed part till it heals.
  8. Paste of castor oil and turmeric powder applied on the abscess daily four times.
  9. Take turmeric piece; rub it on hard surface with little water. It will become paste. Keep that paste on the abscessed area, and then cover it with cotton. This is the best therapy to get fast relief from abscess.

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