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Home Remedy for Abdominal Colic

At time of abdominal colic attack nothing should be given for eat or drink. But, when the crisis phase is completed, some light, fluid diet may be suggested. Sometimes, colic also happens because of late food intake or by not taking any type of food for relatively a long time, so that these states can be met by appropriate food intake. Usually boiled vegetables, fluids, aerated water, coconut drinks may be given. Avoid giving fat, starch, fried foods, carbohydrates, spices etc. Promote the patient for walking and exercise.

There are some home remedies that are helpful for babies at time of colic. All below given are herbs and before using them itís better to consult your babyís physician.

  1. Bryonia Alba will be helpful when your baby is at bad-temper and shows symptoms of constipation.
  2. Chamomilla is useful when your baby is become peculiar and will not stop crying. This calm the baby that wants held constantly.
  3. Colocynthis should be used for infants in case of extreme colic. If your baby locks up in a ball and looks to be in pain, this is the excellent herb for relieve of pain.
  4. Magnesia phosphoric also works good if your baby shows any symptom of relieve when you put something warm on their belly like hot water bottle.

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