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Home Remedies

Home Remedy for Boils

There are many simple and effective home remedies for boils. Some easy and effective Home Remedies for boils are:
  1. Apply garlic and onion juice on the affected area; it will easily remove the collected pus without any infection.

  2. Milk cream is one of the best home remedies for Boils. Take a teaspoon of milk cream and add a half-teaspoon of vinegar and little bit turmeric powder. Apply this paste on affected area. It helps in developing the blood boils and heals them without becoming infected.

  3. If your boils include blood then take a glass full juice of bitter gourd with a half teaspoon of limejuice. Drink this juice on an empty stomach daily in morning until the boil disappears. It is a true and effective home remedy for blood boils.

  4. Take powder of dry and roasted pomegranate skin and add it with fresh limejuice. Apply this paste on affected area. This is excellent for treatment of Boils.

  5. Make paste of cumin seeds powder in water. Apply the paste to the boils; it will give beneficial results.

  6. Make paste of turmeric powder with water and apply it on the boils. It enables boil to ripen and burst.

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